Somewhere There's a Cure

Anthem of Hope

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Someday... Somewhere...
We'll find a CURE and start living,
We'll find a new way of fighting

There's HOPE for us,
Someday a CURE will come
No more needles and No more pain
Waits for us somewhere.

Now's the time for us
THE CURE is coming soon
Time for research & funding too
Time to look, Time to care.

Someday, Someway-
We'll find THE CURE and start living
We'll find it soon- Keep believing
Someday, Someway
There's a CURE out there
I know we'll find a CURE someday
Hold my hand cuz we're half way there
Hold my hand and say a prayer

Somewhere... Somehow... Someday...

Adapted Lyrics By
Molly Johnson -2005
Based on "Somewhere There's a Place for Us" from West Side Story. Original Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim & Original Music by Leonard Bernstein
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